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  • - ABOUT US -

    Record Label / Music Distribution

    We upload artists to big platforms. such as Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlayMusic and more!

    Pssst. There are more platforms coming ;)

    Repost & Share

    We repost and share all types of music! Either ourselves or our separate social promotion team, MMRecord Label, can repost your music free!


    NoodlesNetwork founded in late 2017 on Twitter started as NoodlesRTs. That is still up and will be coming back in operation. But after that didn't go well we still wanted to promote and share content. So we started an account on SoundCloud under the name NoodlesNetwork. An account for reposting music. After that, we wanted to be something more. So we became a record label. Publishing artist to major platforms. We still promote and share. But not just music. We repost and share everything. Yes that does in NSFW but not here.



    We share all music!

    NSFW sharing soon ;)

    Music Distribution

    Get your music on major platforms!

    Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, etc.

    Visual Design

    Make your logo, cover art, and more!

    It's pretty cheap.

  • - PRODUCTS -

    Personal Profiles

    Custom artist profiles on our website!

    Music Distribution

    Get your music on big platforms.

    Album Distribution

    Get you album on big platforms.

    Copyright Protection

    Claiming YouTube videos with your audio!

    Get Paid

    Get your money for your stuff!

    Custom Cover Art

    Get cover art made for your music.

  • - CONTACT US -

    Everyday - 11am-9pm
    By using our service you agree...
    I am of 13 years of age or older (or have permission from a parent/legal guardian)
    My music is 100% mine (or I have permission to upload/use it)
    My artist name is unique and has not been taken or used
    I can provide proof I made my music
    All my information is valid
    I give NoodlesNetwork permission to contact me using my email
    I know my email can be used for marketing, promotion, subscribe listing, and etc by NoodlesNetwork
    I give NoodlesNetwork permission to publish and take down my music
    I understand that my account can be terminated if used improperly
    I understand that NoodlesNetwork's logos, website, images, videos, and others are to be shared for promotion and not used for own purpose (meaning you can share our stuff but not take it)
    All information is kept with us and will not be shared. Music submitted to us only gives us publishing rights, you keep 100% royalties. Cover art submitted to us only gives us publishing rights, you keep 100% royalties. We do not share your email. We do not share/give away your accounts. We do not publish music that you haven't asked us to. We do not share any personal information. The publishing process stays between you and us and won't be shared. We will not give away your images. We will not give away your music. All your information stays with us.